One of my book reviews has been published on a large audience travel website last week. Beside the fact that I am quite happy with it, and that I hope they’ll contact me again, it’s all in french ! I will only give you the english version of the article and for my french readers, you just have to read it on the site !

« Have you ever been to Northampton ? This midland city is probably not my first choice to go on holiday ! But it is the place chosen by Alan Moore to set is very first novel. This famous comic books author has worked on the best-known superheroes like Batman or Superman. But it is more the Watchmen (which deals with old heroes confronted to coldwar and nuclear crisis) and the brilliant From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or V is for Vendetta, that definitely showed his skills as scenarist.
Born in Northampton, Moore seemed to be the most appropriate writer tell the tempestuous story of his town. Well done ! 330 pages, 6000 years of history. The idea that links it all is very simple : 12 chapters, 12 eras, 12 characters, like 12 short stories linked by a common destiny. The author travels from prehistoric times to 1995 via improbable characters : a limping nun, a roman tax-collector, a knight back from the crusades …. each of them giving their peculiar vision on their town, on their time.
As usual, Moore links his work with British History. Thus, you will surely heard about Dr Dee, ‘magician’ of Queen Elizabeth I or Guy Fawkes (the Gunpowder Plot) at some point. A very intelligent work indeed ! Enjoyable to read also by the way it has been written, as a circle (what comes around goes around, the shape of the templar church, the campfire). Each chapter acting like a specific entry point to the novel. In fact, you can start wherever (whenever ?) you want, choosing your favourite era.
So, discover Northampton like never ! »


La Voix du Feu
Alan Moore
Ed : Calmann Levy
Isbn : 2702137539