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Lance Carbuncle has written the most interesting road stories I’ve ever read. One of the weirdest too ! Many of the themes of the genre are here : the experience, the introspection, the meeting of people leading to a fondamental change of the characters…
The plot is really simple : a man (probably the author at the beginning) moves over to Florida and back to look for his beloved dog left behind, more of a soul mate if I might say.
The most interesting thing on that story is probably the real talent of the author on characters which made me think of Chuck Palahniuk at some point. The author leads us into the southern subcultured weirdos with the most hilarious manners.
I spent a great time reading this great book.
I’m not sure it will be easy to get as this book is self-published but if you can lay your hand on it, don’t miss the fun ! You’ll definitely be « Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed » with that reading.

« Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked and Spewed »
Lance Carbuncle Publishing
ISBN : 1602640432


Bedtime stories are, for most of us, a fondamental part of our childhood. The very first experience of tales, the very begining of an unconditionnal love for stories and for books.
It is that particular moment that the fine and witty Lucy Pinder brings back to the (grown up) child inside all of us (any freudian theory ?).

« Book at bedtime » is a set of videos mostly available on her Youtube channel. Miss Pinder reads us parts of the most relevant classics of anglo-american literature. And Shakespeare has never been so nicely spoken.
The lady has been inspired as she has now signed an interesting contract with an international publishing house for a « video novel » (?)
So there you go, a little taste of « The War of The Worlds » by H.G. Wells.
Reading is cool, bedtime stories too !

I just love the english accent

Link to the video list

The Lucy Pinder Television site - all about Lucy's TV career, with videos

Thanx lorine

Lectures du moment

De la bd et un Thomas Pynchon

Pensées en passant

"Le livre, comme livre, appartient à l’auteur, mais comme pensée, il appartient—le mot n’est pas trop vaste—au genre humain. Toutes les intelligences y ont droit.

Si l’un des deux droits, le droit de l’écrivain et le droit de l’esprit humain, devait être sacrifié, ce serait, certes, le droit de l’écrivain, car l’intérêt public est notre préoccupation unique, et tous, je le déclare, doivent passer avant nous."

Victor Hugo